11 definitions by son of stalin

$20 bag of marijuana
echoey reggae without or with few words
i lit the dub while i listened to exodus, the dub version
by son of stalin March 30, 2003
Egyptian slang for europeans, derived from "frank"--essentially, "Frenchy."
"Let's slit the throats of some Firanji disbelievers with our cruel scimitars of the desert."
by son of stalin February 28, 2003
A power freak with no credibility, and thus a laughable character. Originally a merge of "Schindler" (of schindler's list) and "Hitler" but it came to be interpreted more as "Shit Hitler."
this asshole put his hands on his waist and started telling me how flawed i was. what a shitler
by son of stalin March 12, 2003
Short-lived but still occasionally continued expletive/adjective.
"My job is suck."
by son of stalin February 28, 2003
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