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Drafted by the Portland Trailblazers in the 1996 NBA draft where he stagnated for four years until being traded to the Indiana Pacers. It is in Indiana where he preformed his life duty, SMASHING THE FACE OF SOME FAT MEXICAN GNOME
jermaine o'neal is a god among men for knocking out some fat mexican.
by son November 25, 2004
The act one sticking one's thumb up someone's ass. Similar to wedgies and wet-willies, thumbkins are generally considered more 'classy' and are often used in gentlemenly situations.
"I say, I do believe I have received a thumbkin!"

"Thankyou sir may I have another?"
by Son September 13, 2003
a new revoultion in computer software.
shit nigga, did you buy dat new program yet?
wut program dat be nigga?
beta nig 8.0!
nah son, dat shit me to hott for a nigga like me.
by son February 18, 2003
the most l337 person ever. God of all.
That there Smuggler is one of a kind
by Son December 18, 2004
Noun. A supreme being with no authority figure. I mean, like really, fatmondobeast is absolutely crazy. It will fat your face off while you it goes to town on you, MONDO style. In otherwords, it is the shiz.
You believe in God? LOL. Too bad fatmondobeast > God. Bhook it.
by son December 24, 2004
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