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1. A metal band from Sweden whose music features many dizzingly complex polyrhythms and hemiolas characteristic of free jazz and African drumming.

2. A metal group whose rhythmic concepts tend to go right over the heads of most metal fans, leading them to pigeonhole the band with such descriptions as "toughest band I've ever heard," thus raping them of the credibility they deserve.


1. Yiddish for "crazy."
Meshuggah is meshuggah!
by Sommy July 09, 2004

1. A style of music derived (obviously) from rock with heavy emphasis on dynamic contrast. Many post rock acts use singular themes in a a song and build upon them harmonically and dynamically. Several post rock bands include Slint, Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Explosions in the Sky, and Tortoise.
I enjoy post rock music.
by Sommy July 09, 2004

1. A neighborhood in Southwest Detroit, located south of the Ambassador bridge between Fort street and the Detroit River near Zug Island. Delray formerly was a suburb of Detroit until it was annexed by the city in 1905. Soon after, it became a major industrial center surrounded by residential homes. As time progressed, many industrial jobs began to leave Southeast Michigan, and as a result, so did many of the residents of Delray. It has collapsed into a heavily impoverished, polluted area which many Detroit leaders have hoped to completely industrialize. The air in Delray is rated the most polluted in the entire state of Michigan. Many houses in Delray are assessed at near only $3,000-5000.
Delray is a lonely neighborhood.
by Sommy July 09, 2004

1. A term that encompasses most all modern progressive rock or metal that places emphasis on time signature modulation and meter as opposed to dynamics, melody, or harmony. "Math rock/metal" encompasses everything from the jazzier leanings of post rock act Slint, to the phrase swapping and odd meters of the Dillinger Escape Plan, and even the hemiola and polyrhythm experiments of bands like Meshuggah and Tool.

2. A term often falsely described as "intelligent music" by people who simply regurgitate what they are told and apparently have no idea how to count.
Math rock/metal requires concentration.
by Sommy July 09, 2004

1. A large mass of land under the control of the great Khan/Mongolian empire.

2. A contemporary doom metal band consisting of former members of OLD, Burning Witch, Thorr's Hammer, and Blind Idiot God and current members of (among others) Sunn0))). Possibly one of the slowest, loudest, and creepiest doom metal bands ever, especially since much of the music is coupled with bass player James Plotkin's fantastic sequencing work.
Khanate is the loudest band I have ever seen; the entire room was vibrating through their set.
by Sommy March 21, 2005

1. A small breakfast consisting of coffee and a roll or bran muffin, named so not for continental airlines (as popularly believed), but rather, because coffee coupled with a bran muffin tend to make one have to defecate, close to the point of <i>incontinence</i>.
The continental breakfast they offered really made me have to crap.
by Sommy September 08, 2004

1. A phrase of music notated in one type of meter but accented as though it were being played in another meter. The classic hemiola is a phrase of triple meter (in this case 3/4) accented as though it were written in duple (2/4) meter. Hemiolas are often used to give the illusion of accelerando or ritardando.

2. Italian for "one and a half."
That hemiola made my head spin.
by Sommy July 09, 2004
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