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Persons ranging from age 26-48 who behave in a manner unbecoming of their particular age group.
That woman who bullied a child to death through a false myspace account, causing the child to commit suicide is 1) certifiably insane and 2) are teenage adult.

Any person from age 26-48 who willingly stars in a reality t.v. program is teenage adult.

9 out of 10 politicians in D.C. and news pundits regularly engage in teenage adult like behavior.

Any woman who doesn't know who the father of their child is and still expects child support = teenage adult.
by someonesafan80 February 09, 2011
A physical manifestation of the unacceptable reality of human existence. The common catalyst being a confrontation between bullshit and a keen mind.

I turned on the T.V. - people were on it. Got a migraine.

I turned on the computer, surfed the net - people use these things too. Got a migraine.

I walked out my front door and the sheer volume of falsities and half truths escaping the lips of everyone I encountered helped to bring the onset of a migraine.

I read the Tao and took an Advil - migraine went away. Whoever invented Ibuprofen is God and consequently exempt from being judged an unworthy human being. Lao Tzu, go F yourself.
by someonesafan80 April 05, 2011
A phrase often uttered by the female persuasion of the mind. Similar to clichés such as “Everything happens for a reason” and “Red rover, red rover. Send Jimmy on over.”. It is often elaborated on in order to describe a distasteful situation in an enlightening manner. As though such a thing were possible.

Judy - “I was defiled as a young woman and my father believed the boy’s account of the situation over mine. My grandpa went on to say I was just behaving like a stupid whore to other family members and the community at large. I still associate with my family members and will side with them above any outside influence because Ignorance is Bliss.”

Bill - “Judy would never admit to this because she is in an extreme state of self denial and/or Ignorance is Bliss.”

Stephen - “Bill slept with Judy while we were still together and no one has given an honest account of events. Turns out in my case, Ignorance is bliss. Save for the child.”

Child - “Please shoot yourselves in the head and spare my daddy and the following generations to come, who do not operate under moronic idioms such as Ignorance is Bliss.”

Judge - “If Ignorance is Bliss then there would be legal precedent to abolish the family court system. Can I get a ‘Ya!’ up in this biznitch?!”
by someonesafan80 April 05, 2011
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