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Samvir is a bitchen Indian name

lets just say Samvir's are the most amazing, sweetest, adorable, hot, smart, and funny males you will ever meet.
they say the cutest things that can make ur face flash vibrant shaes of red. When they hold u ur heart will race and then skip a beat.
they are just all around astonishing
Person1:whats that guys name
person1:oh damn i better ask him out now before some other girl, hes too amazing to loose!
by someonecool45 October 25, 2009
A cougbait is the prey of a vicious cougar(as in the older woman who likes younger men, not to be confused with the wild animal). A cougbait is usually quite innocent, extremely handsome, funny, and smart.
they can lure the coug to do almost anything they please
cougar: you look pretty hot young fellow
cougbait: hmm i like older women, wanna go back to my place;)
cougar:why of course i do.
by someonecool45 December 22, 2009

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