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1 definition by someone00707087007

1. The quarterback that saved the Falcons and gives the Falcons the best chance to win. He is exciting, and when it comes down to it, he usually comes through late in the game.

In 2003, he broke his left leg and Dan Reeves was fired even though Vick was out until it was too late. Then they brought this dumbass named Jim Mora Jr, who had to use zone-blocking and never made adjustments to win. Paired with him and Greg Knapp, they had surprising first season, going 11-5, but in a week division. The record went down shortly thereafter because the NFL defenses got used to the run-run-pass-punt style that Knapp brought in.

The front office hasn't noticed until 2007 that the Falcons need to build a team around Michael Vick.

Vick also seems to do well with good pass protection. He got it in the Steelers, Bengals and Cowboys games, and if you'd watch the tape, you'd understand why.

Overall, he is a great quarterback, even though the critics would say he is not. Those people are usually the ones who don't watch Falcons games.

2. An NFL quarterback that usually doesn't get "due process of law" in his cases. They normally think he's guilty and they obviously haven't noticed one thing: he is the highest paid player in the NFL with a dumbfuck brother. So do you seriously think issues aren't going to come up?

3. A victim of namecalling by haters, Philadelphia Eagles, Tampa Bay Succaneers, New Orleans Aints and Carolina Panties fans. They make fun of him because he has herpes, even though that may have been attributed to his mother having herpes. So he may have been born with this disease. So I wonder if those same fans are going to make fun of a retard because he was born that way. I bet not.
1. Michael Vick did all he could but Roddy White dropped a pass that made any of the Falcons momentum go away. He is kind of like Allen Iverson in that way in that Michael has to make up for boneheaded receivers and a midget offensive line.

2. Michael Vick is a dog fighter, even though evidence may show that Devon Boddie, his cousin, is actually doing it without Vick knowing. Or they may not have been doing it at all and a criminal was trying to frame Vick on OTL.

3. Herpes boy can't throw an accurate pass.
by someone00707087007 June 29, 2007
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