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a shitty town in southern mass near fairhaven and new bedford. its local government is controled by the few rich. known as the "rich" town in the area, yet the only rich area is padanaram. Panagakis is developing every inch of land in the North end, putting up box like structures all over the place that stay empty for decades, and the mall is not even worth going to. the school system used to be great, people came from all over the area so their kids could get a decent education. now the school department and the whole town is strapped for cash and the kids are suffering. locals are very close everyone seems to know everyone and gossip is frequent. everyone dreams of getting out of here but no one ever does. its only in the news for some new scandel, most recently involving the prom. overall not as great a town as everyone thinks
person 1: wow im getting out of Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Person 2: yeah like that is ever gonna happen... hey did you hear what happened at the prom?
by someone who has got out June 17, 2008
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