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hair metal, in my opinion, is pretty fuckin awesome. i mean who cant love EXTREMELY talented and dedicated musicians performing their hearts out? definetly beats the whole "i hate the whole fucking world so im gonna go a month without washing my hair and im gonna act depressed so that "cool" chicks/guys will like me, etc"...which is shit, btw. alot of retarded critics say that hair metal is sooo over the top and sooo polished and they want real....raw music....well, dammit if the polished and over the top stuff sounds a hell of a lot better than said real and raw music, then why shouldnt you fucking listen to it? so what if alot of the people in the hair metal bands had long (usually gorgeous....sorry im a girl....i love long hair like, idk dave sabo's) hair and wore make up and some looked like they belonged on the cover of Cosmo instead of the Rolling Stone....but didnt they sound good? isnt that what really matters.....i mean the hair metal guys had REAL musical talent (of course there are a few exceptions...not many though...)and they worked their asses off to make their music perfect while those dumbasses who played grunge music (now im not COMPLETELY opposed to grunge....but alot of it is crap)just sat on stage droning about how awful life is. idk about you but i'd pick the polished over the top guys....
SKID ROW, bon jovi, poison, motley crue, warrant,etc,etc,etc.....hair metal is amazing, to put it in a nutshell
by someone who gives a shit November 08, 2006

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