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apart from the fact that almost every previous defanition for the motorsport context thus far is extreamly false, i particularly like

Complex Driving Technique used to take corners at FAST (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH) speed. The driver must know how to used the clutch (NO CLUCTH!) and gas pedal effectively and precisely while manipulating the brakes (brake once, on entry then back to gas)at the same time.

if you want to know anything about vehicle dynamics get going faster for word by danny sulivan you rice ass hoes.

drifting is the act of maintaining a slide around a corner, in which the rear tires have no traction, and should be making as much smoke as physicly posible . if you are turning the wheel and going straight, your not drifting you daft fool, your understeeting. yes, that smoke coming off the front tires is directly proportional to how big of a retard you are.

go find vids of reese millin in his gto, that is drifting. no clucth no "faint" gayness, no ebrake just spring energy and a lot of entry speed.
holy fuck, look at the smoke pooring off the back of Samuel Hubinettes viper.

god damn that fool is the man.

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