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I will say this first. I listen to punk rock and not rap. the rap i have seen was on mtv or vh1 and therefore cannot judge it. However, those of you who are judging it need to listen to at least 5 minutes of 6 differnt rap artists before you can say anything about it. if you still hate it after doing this then shut up, keep your thoughts to yourself, and be tolerant. just like in punk rock most of the stuff that is played on mtv and vh1 is PROBABLY media garbage. the music that is underground probably has more meaning to it. for those of you that say rap is only about having sex with women, and shooting people than you you haven't heard other good rap songs(eminem's mockingbird and many others). So before you judge anything look into it not just the what you see from its cover.
a punk rocker, a rap fan and a poser are at a concert. rap rapper is opening for a punk band.
(poser): what the hell is this??!!
(rap fan): hey its called rap, you got a problem with it??
(poser): all rap is garbage. it has no meaning to it. so why dont you go and listen to your half a dollar and get raped.
(punk rocker): dude have you even listened to rap??
(poser): silence
(punk rocker): no i didn't think so, and if you think that you look cool by making fun of rap and pretending to be punk, then you should know that you only look stupid.
by someone that likes good music October 06, 2005
a music style created in the late seventies.what was once a cool underground movement has now mutated into corporate sexist garbage. the hip hop "artists" are more concerned about making money through image, trendy clothing styles and heavy commercialization. Not all but MOST do not care so much about making good music only to be rich and and fanous. They achieve multi platinum albums through their image and being heaviy promoted and not from musical content. hip hop is nearly dead. It has lost almost all of its aesthetics because people are doing it to be trendy. one day there will be an artist (from rock rap or even reggaeton) that will deystroy this garbage on Mtv.
My thoughts on hip hop: all killer but no filler (great sales but no musical content)
by someone that likes good music November 19, 2005

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