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a very lame term for a break up.
a completely irritating phrase thatimmature losers use when they believe they have found a girl they like, and they girl thinks that they might possibly be cool, but later realize the guy is an obsessive retard and no longer wants to get to know the guy. the guy in the situation then gets very upset and angry and uses the phrase repeatedly following the rightful disinterest of the girl, and often times pissing her off. *note: used in various tenses: blown off, blew off, blow off
1. "you totally blew me off the other night."
2. "i am a loser that always gets blown off every time, so dont blow me off too because i cant take it... if you do i shall never date again because i am an obsessive freak"
3. "after she dumped me she totally blew me off and never wanted to hang out like we used to"

girls possible reaction:
"stop saying that you loser! its not my fault i dont like you, go away creep!"
by somegirly May 01, 2005

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