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A rich, conservative person in high school or college (sometimes post college) who wears Abercrombie, kahki pants and $100 Polo shirts that also wears a hemp necklace and listens to "jam bands" like Dave Matthews, Phish, and Widespread Panic. Also can be found singing the Chinese chicken song by Barenaked Ladies at karaoke bars. They like to call each other Bro, and in fact are closely related to bros. They are always surrounded by ridiculously hot but mentally vacuous women. Will try to act like they are "down" and "chill" when they are in fact business or marketing majors who will work for a souless corporation that will eventually buy out and destroy whatever sad sack company you work for leaving you with no job. Their response will be "just business bro!". Their dads find their "rebellion" cute for a few years in high school and college, but they realize they can't have "scruffy" hair forever and daddy will stop sending money if they don't cut it. Although one generally would want to avoid a Republican Hippie, or Bro, they may have some really good pot. So smoke their weed and ogle their girlfriend, but do it quick, because they get angry easily and are eager to "keep their rep".
It's too bad you can't go see a good band play or go to a bar without some fucking Republican hippie trying to start a fight because you walked past his slutty girlfriend.
by somedudecalledCatDaddy January 03, 2007

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