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n. Any antics, gestures, or expressions employed to so as to more effectively and artistically say "Fuck you!" An artistry in cheesing people off.
I thought everything was cool, but then she went into a major tantrum. I haven't seen such a display of effuistry for quite some time.
by somedude8000 July 14, 2010
A crappy form of access.
My internet crapcess is slow." or "I'm so bored, I'm watching a school board meetin on public crapcess.
by somedude8000 December 19, 2010
n. an efficient survey of three or more days worth of past emails in one sitting. This strategy is used to catch up on the important business that those emails may require. May be employed either by the busy or the lazy.
"I need to take a half-hour to do some email reconnaissance."

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, I've not been paying much attention to my email for a while, so I just need to get the lay of the land and find out if there are any land mines waiting for me in the form of uncompleted tasks or neglected personal friends. After that we can go to the game."

"Weird. Why didn't you just say that you were catching up on your email?"
by somedude8000 August 28, 2013
n. An overflowing bounty of popcorn
Dude, I need help with this popcornucopia!
by somedude8000 July 15, 2010
The one who struts his stuff the most in a given vicinity
Phil has had the most girlfriends and the most financial independence amongst his peers. Clearly he is cock of the block.
by somedude8000 October 08, 2010

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