1 definition by somebody who met the two types of cheerleaders


A stupid, self-centered BITCH who only cares for herself. She sleeps with the entire football/basketball team and rejects nice guys who would treat them right for retards who only want to sex with them. They are dumb as hell and cheat off of smart people to barely pass all their classes. Usually physically and mentally weak so they have one of their jock boyfriends stick up for them. This is how I thought about ALL cheerleaders until I met one like the next description.


A kind, caring person who is NOT rude and self-centered. They are not sluts who sleeps around with jocks. They will give a nice guy a chance to show them real love. These cheerleaders are smart and honest and don't cheat off peoples stuff to pass and sometimes be some of the smartest people in the school. Good cheerleaders are hard workers and dedicated. They can be quite strong (especially bases who lift other cheerleaders). They stand up for themselves most of the time even though they have many people to back them up.


To all cheerleaders,

Most people who talk sh*t about cheerleaders have never gotten to know one or have only known an evil one. I've gotten to know an evil cheerleader so I used to hate cheerleaders. Then I met a good cheerleader and now I don't hate them anymore. When you defend your sport don't rant and bitch at the person fiercely because that person will see you as an immature bitch. Calmly explain how much hard work it takes and how cheerleaders are not all selfish. If that peron still doesn't get it, the person is not worth your time.

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