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54 definitions by somebody

Affectionate gibberish.
pachum pachum pachewychewychum pa.
by somebody March 06, 2005
11 6
To practice an insterment
Man what did I tell you about calling me when Im jiggling shit?
by Somebody August 16, 2004
3 0
When guys are watching porn and suddenly are aroused by the wrong ass.
Two guys watching porn:

*Guy appears on screen*

Guy 1: *boing* I've just been homortified!
by Somebody February 12, 2005
6 4
When you ride a chick at a beach and you get sand in her moist cave making it mushy and uncomfortable, but you keep fucking.
I gave Becky a Sandy Susan at the beach, and she was queefing dirt bullets all over my cock.
by Somebody March 29, 2005
5 4
A term popularized by Beavis and Butt-head that refers to the Penis.
by somebody October 17, 2003
32 31
Named after an asshole called Corvis.

Corvian consists of delusions of grandeur, self-absorbedness and the feeling that people actually give a shit about what you say. The largest sign of Corvian is the utterance of incoherent sentences, loosely bound together with randomly placed commas.

"I think I are teh shit , but , I am actually an idiot , yaya!"

"Man the stuff we just spat sounds more scay then silent hill"
by Somebody December 14, 2004
5 5
Someone who whores around and leeches files without uploading.
Oh look at him, he is such a timeth, going around and downloading from those people then sleeping with them.
by Somebody September 16, 2004
2 2