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1. (noun) A Brazilian soccer player, who supposedly plays defense on the Brazilian national soccer team, but who is in reality a Dutch striker. He turned on his team during Brazil's match against Netherlands, helping Netherlands score their first goal, and also got a red card. Because of him, Netherlands beat Brazil 2-1. Basically, he was Holland's 12th player in their match against Brazil.

2. (verb) To Felipe Melo someone, a fancy way of saying to betray them.
1. Guy 1: The main reason Brazil lost to Netherlands is that guy who turned on Brazil. Netherlands outnumbered Brazil 12 to 10, which is why Netherlands won.

Guy 2: That guy who helped the Dutch score their first goal, and got a red card?

Guy 3: You mean Holland's 12th player in their match against Brazil? Yup, that's Felipe Melo.

2. *Guy 2 betrays Guy 1, by giving away his secret, which he promised not to tell anyone*

Guy 1: You just Felipe Meloed me!

Guy 2: Hahaha sucker
by somebody?? July 27, 2010
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