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The new, shitty ads on Urban Dictionary.
Busted Tees was annoying enough, but the Noise Bot chicks aren't hot and the shirts aren't funny.
by somebody, someone March 27, 2008
Short for "Pocket Monsters," Pokemon originated in Japan in 1995. Pokemon are essentially little monsters that "trainers" collect and battle with. The games and trading cards came to America around 1998, and have been a big hit with children everywhere. Originally, there were around 150 Pokemon to collect in the 3 gameboy games or trading cards. There was also a TV show about a young trainer named Ash and his 2 friends trying to collect all of the Pokemon. Pokemon really went downhill around 2003, but true fans of the series will still find a way to enjoy it.
Even teenagers and adults still enjoy Pokemon. Pokemon is very addictive.
by somebody, someone April 06, 2008
Software you don't want to run on Windows because it's tough to get off later.
"Damn, I got MySQL stuck on my Windows computer"

Always use Linux for servers and databases...
by somebody, someone April 06, 2008
Used by retarded 12 year olds in chat rooms and IRC channels to make *bold text* and/or put emphasis on something.
<user> You suck
<user2> No u
<@dumbass> *stop*
<user> Jackass
by somebody, someone March 26, 2008
An IRC client that usually costs $30. Every time you load up, the ugly ass programmer comes up and informs you you have to register.
The screen came, showing an ass ugly face and a warning that I'd had mIRC for 30 days without paying for it. Fuck this, I'm going to download something else.
by somebody, someone November 07, 2007
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