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What does this mean in the context of Kanye's song below I will put in example..
I drink a BOOST for breakfast, and ensure for dizzert
Somebody ordered pancakes I just sip the sizzurp
That right there could drive a sane man bizzerk
by some polak October 27, 2004
Slang word for shooting someone.

"I'll pap that mothafucka if he keeps talkin!"
Bone Thugs N Harmony - Crept and We Came

"Stalkin' gat fools, walkin' jack moves, ready to PAP you if we have to, daily."
by some polak September 17, 2004
ya also a slang for guns
Straight nuts in your face put your pistols away
by some polak November 05, 2004
British Thermal Unit

(see B.T.U.)
BRITISH THERMAL UNIT (used in propane)
by some polak October 04, 2004
Good actor, not so good a rapper.

He ain't really straight out the hood like in his show Fresh Prince of bel-air. I mean he ain't no rich kid or nottin but deffinitly not from the worst part of philly, and besides the north part of philly worst then west philly.
Believe it or not Will Smith got accepted to M.I.T. (Massachusett's Institute of Technology) but decided not to go because he chose to pursue his acting career. I mean a guy that almost went to M.I.T. is a rapper and straight out the hood? Maybe he's a better actor then we think...
by some polak September 17, 2004
1. to go and hurry up
2. to tell someone to leave
1. Come on. skit i dont wanna get caught

2. get out of here! SKIT!
by some polak November 02, 2004
I just heard this term, it is computer nerd for own.
Playing Online Video Games

Dragon12312: You are good
Dark Slayer: (geeky laugh) 0/\/\G D|_|DE | J|_|ST PWND you
by some polak November 11, 2004

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