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A struggle in which is very hard but on top something beautiful will come from it.
Life is a beautiful struggle - Talib Kweli buy the album, it's dope
by some polak November 16, 2004
Slang term for cocaine.
Are you gonna snort any bugar sugar?
by some polak December 06, 2004
Boston Irish slang you say when they're just fooling around.

See: bustin your balls
I'm just bustin your chops don't take it personal
by some polak November 11, 2004
A scary looking movie.

It looks like a mix of The Ring/Gothika and any ideas of horror movies that were found really scary.
The Grudge comes on soon.
by some polak October 04, 2004
Insultive term for Mattapan (section of Boston) that you will get killd if you say it cuz it's an insult jus like dat dude said.
ya that's tru wat that guy said if u say this in mattpan u will get killd
by some polak November 12, 2004
The worst team ever in Major League Baseball, they suck and they buy anything they want, and they still suck.
Red Sox all the way you Yankee loving muthafuckas.
by some polak September 17, 2004
British Thermal Unit

(see {BTU])
British Thermal Units are used in propane.
by some polak October 04, 2004
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