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Commonly known as someone who is simply amazing, this girl will always light up your day. She tries so hard in everything she does and always aims to make you happy. If your with someone who's name is Rolanda, tell her she is beautiful everyday because she deserves it. No matter who you are if her name is Rolanda, you will be the luckiest person around.
Look over there! She is so beautiful!
Yeah that's Rolanda
by Some guy named Nick November 22, 2012
the act of anal penetrating a girl while she is handstanding, then you proceed to reach between her legs and fist her. works best if you obliterate her anus and especially if she is on her period.
"hey nick, where is your date?" "shes not coming, we Amanda'd before the dance and now shes in a coma." "did you Amanda or did you Willis?" "dude, a Willis IS an Amanda, but an Amanda is not a Willis. its like squares and rectangles brah"
by some guy named Nick January 23, 2008

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