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Young Mens Christian Association
Originally founded in London, England by 12 men of the christian faith. The first one in the continent of North America is located in Montreal, Canada and the first one in the United States is in Boston, Massechusetts. It is a non-profit organization. Basically a day care for kids pre-k - 12 grade. The YMCA strives to teach good values, morals, etc. The core values are Honesty (the color blue), Respect (yellow), Careing (red), and Responsibility (green).
The sports that were invented at the YMCA are, basketball, softball, volleyball, racket ball, and proffesional football (getting payed for playing football).
by some chick September 12, 2003
A silver ring givin to Grant by a good friend of his. This ring has alot of value to Grant.
A great ring indeed.
by Some chick July 01, 2004
king of the interweb, generally hot piece of ass, dead or alive champion, king of ramen, this guy is a catch and a half
"ISU-CHANNNNNNN, make me some Japanese food and then sleep with me?"
by some chick March 22, 2005
some gay guy that acts"fruity" or (like a girl)
dude look at that guy in tights hes so fruity
by some chick March 31, 2005
A red OU hat that has been trough alot.
A grat hat indeed
by Some chick July 01, 2004
A really cool person that lives in KY!
Grant Monroe is the coolest!
by some chick June 15, 2004
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