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for most people its the shittiest part of your life but for normal people who actually have friends its the same thing as elemtary school.... but with puberty.... and making out.... and handjobs.......
me: dude you need to get a girlfriend trust me its great

friend: NO im going to wait until im 16 so i can actually do stuff with her

me: why wait?

friend: cuz my mom wont let me date till then

me: your moms a fucking douchebag

friend: i know.. are you gonna meet me at lunch?

me: nah im gonna meet my girlfriend behind the dumpsters

friend: um what do you do for a whole 30 minutes...


me: ....... you dont want to know...

friend: dude were in a middle school... how did you get a fucking hooker to come down here?

me: haha shut up
by some 13 year old August 22, 2009

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