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105 definitions by some guy

The guy who invented gravity so that we dont need to tie ourselves to the bed each night.
newton is teh smart!!!11
by some guy December 15, 2004
In the movie "Final Fantasy : The spirits within" The Zeus cannon was constructed to make one final strike at the 'alien' gaia.
Zeus cannon at 100%. We fire on your command.
by some guy June 09, 2003
synonomous with greaseball dago, if you see a chipego immediately tell him to go back to the boot.
(In little Italy) Oh my God look at that chipego
by some guy March 13, 2005
A worthless pile of shit.
Man, that albino bob is such a worthless pile of shit.
by Some Guy April 11, 2005
That rayo shocked the cops!
by some guy April 07, 2004
the act of doin' the bacon.
Someone suffering from involuntary spasms (That guy needs help he's baconizing on the floor), having intercourse or something that is behaving erratically ie: a computer printer that's blinking and making noise but doesn't print (That stupid printer is baconizing again).
by Some guy March 08, 2004
The surgical removal of money from a bank account, once it has been munged
"I never new icostomy £10 when i got menged"
by Some Guy March 21, 2003