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1 definition by solospeed

Yamaha Banshee is a two-stroke, twin 350all-terrain vehicle manufactured in Japan and sold in the U.S. from 1987 to 2006. Due to U.S. EPA emission restrictions, the Banshee is no longer sold at U.S. dealers but are still being sold in Canada as a 2007 model ($8,049 CAN MSRP). Its water cooled engine is a non power valve version of the power plant used in Yamaha's RD/RZ350 street bike with transmission gear ratios adjusted for ATV use. Differences between model years are minor, including color combinations, upper j-arms on early models (1987 to 1990) followed by a-arms on subsequent models, the addition of a brake light in late production machines (2002 and on), and minor differences in electrical connector styles. The Banshee has had the longest production run of any ATV.

Man, a Banshee will smoke any 4 stroke!
by solospeed June 21, 2007