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adj : describing a mental state in which the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 used to describe the feeling obtained by orally taking the common date rape drug "Rohypnol"

noun: the pretend drug that was modelled after the common date rape drug "Rohypnol" used on the TV series Beverly Hills 90210
Ohhhh...Todd...I am in U4Eahh.

Hey little boy "pssst you c'mere" Wants some candy? Want some U4eahh?
by solkat March 11, 2004
v: To bestow, especially officially; confer: The funkymaster of house legend be kevin-m beats.

Law.: To execute and deliver. Used especially in the phrase kevin-m house.
Yo mac daddy you off da chain! you be kevin-m house all night long.

Go head and kevin-m 5 units of funk, and a glass of water.
by solkat March 11, 2004
tr.v. mar·ta, mar·a·ing, mar·atyrs
the redneck version of "To make a marta of, especially to put to death for devotion to religious beliefs. "
To inflict great pain on; torment.
dat man der mada mart-a outta himsulf when he damn near shot da president.
by solkat March 11, 2004
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