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3 definitions by solidsnake

1. The greatest song by Slipknot the greatest band ever made
2. a Vivid red color
Slipknot Vermilion video clip has a hot girl in it and the song ownzz!
by solidsnake December 19, 2004
116 45
Gay B.i.ea.ch

a gay bitch who hangs on the beach
Lain is a fucking gaybieach
Solal calls lain a fucking gaybieach
by SolidSnake June 09, 2003
3 11
Dutch band made by some Spunx, but it also means Das Tard

Das german for The
The Tards

The Retard
YO i listened to some dastard

Dastard !

Das tard that lives next to my street is gay
The Tard
by SolidSnake June 09, 2003
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