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Some weird dance ghetto girls do by jamming their asses up and down fast so their flabby ass cheeks fly all around.

Or as in some way it's a way of saying some one looks "good"
Ghetto guy 1: dayuuum LeQuishinia is twirkin
Ghetto guy 2: fuuuuccckkk you gots dat shit right bro

Civilized guy 1: is that girl having a seizure?
Civilized guy 2: no... Unfortunately, in the "hood" that is what they call twirkin
by Softball17 December 24, 2012
Fruits, more commonly referred to BOOBS! Boobs are a wonderful fans inaction attracting men around the world like magnets. Girls with melons are the luckiest with large, firm, enticing BOOBS. Men around the would look for these melons.
Guy 1: did you see the melons on that girl?!!
Guy 2: yeah!! I'd like to juice those melons!!
by Softball17 December 24, 2012
thinks he knows everything, but in reality knows little about nothing; and is willing to make up false facts to prove ridiculous, untrue points.
Wow, Nolan is such a factster.
by softball17 September 27, 2010

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