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2 definitions by sofish

A yelpslut is a woman that uses the website talk threads to meet men and cheat on boyfriends or spouses.
They check into bars, so they can get inebriated with yelpers before they have sexual relations with men from yelp.

Yelpsluts typically post provocative photos, such as cleavage and wearing lingerie and devil horns, to come hither males for sexual exploitation.
These women ignore their children and jobs for yelpstick.
Jen K. and Bella D. are two big yelpsluts that are constantly checking into bars.
Marie K. is usually bumping yelp booties when she is not on the threads.
by sofish December 13, 2012
A yelpmaniac is a person that has various accounts on yelp for trolling and flagging other members.
This person spends most of the day on the website, posting phony reviews and chatting on the boards.
Yelp maniacs steal photos from sites such as facebook for troll accounts.
Usually a huge drama king/queen.
Frederick G. is such a yelpmaniac that he sent private messages from 5 of his troll accounts today.
by sofish December 13, 2012