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Opposite of a weenis (your elbow skin), the weegina is on the other side where your arm creases when you bend it.
Me: lol i just touched your weenis!
Amy: yeah well I just stabbed your weegina!
by sofaraway731 June 25, 2009
The act of intercourse involving the Weenis and Weegina.
Person 1: Would you like to have Weentercourse?
Person 2: ...um, what's that?
Person 1: It's where I stick my Weenis into your Weegina...
Person 2: Oh, that sounds kinky.
by sofaraway731 July 07, 2009
A pile up, consisting of men. Typically performed to show appreciation, congratulation, lift team spirits. Also used as a male bonding experience, or used to cheer someone up.
Gentleman 1: Man, Craig sure is down in the dumps today.

Gentleman 2: You know what he needs? A good old fashioned man pile.
by sofaraway731 September 20, 2011

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