1 definition by sodrrules

1. A slang word for Man mostly used by southern rappers and wannabe thugs today

However the word originated from latin people trying to say the word "Man" but with their thick accent it sounded like "Maing", the word Maing was first made popular in the mainstream through the movie Scarface where Tony Montana says "Maing" constantly, many wannabe thugs happen to love the movie Scarface so they eventually started copying the character by saying Maing thinking this would make them gangsta just like Tony Montana

the spelling of Maing can also be spelt as "Mayne", there is no official because spelling of the word is only ever used on the internet, noone has ever written "maing" outside of the internet.

2. a commune in northern france

3. someone who mispelt "making"
yo maing, you is my main maing maing naaa mean mayne?
by sodrrules December 29, 2010

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