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Someone who feels justified in attempting to control aspects of another persons life or manipulate others into doing what the controlling person wants. This person will eventually lose friends, have many failed relationships, only hang around people they believe are controllable/inferior to them, and last but not least pressure everyone else around them to think how they think. Some will change their ways but most do not. The only way they change is if they face a major loss in their life such as a divorce, a breakup, or being fired from their job that finally makes them start to question themselves instead of only the people around them.
Me: "i dont think i can go to the park right now, i have to do a couple of things"

Control Freak: "what do you mean? you just said you were gonna go ? just come with us we'll have a great time. you like the park"

Me: "i understand that i like the park but i just cant go i have something to do around that time"

Control Freak: "dude you just said it, this is ridiculous. why cant you go we talked about it all week? youll have a good time, me and (some non-demanding person) will be there. this is why your such a failure at (insert anything here) and youve gotta grow a pair and (insert baiting insults here)

Me: "sorry man im going to do some chores"

Control Freak: "WHATEVER MAN! im not going to invite you to the party now and im going to take back my ipod, your so unreliable and (insert faux punishment here)

Me: "whatever take your materialistic bullshit and shove it up your tight asshole."
by society is fail May 13, 2012

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