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Following a particularly heinous gastral discharge, the essence of fart that clings to a person and follows them as they move, usually good for a range of anywhere between 5-50 feet.
Tom excused himself to go rip a huge cloud of methane from his ass in another room, but he didn't wait long enough for the fart to dissipate. He came back to his desk dragging a nasty fart trail behind him that made the rest of us nauseous.
#fart #ass #gas #methane #ass bubble.
by socialvirus June 29, 2006
Any piece of cloth, usually a towel or cotton shirt, rolled or folded, into which one exhales after taking a hit from a pipe, jibba, bong, etc. The device is useful for preventing excessive accumulation of smoke in closed areas where detection is a threat. Easily recognized by the numerous round and oval stains of varying shades of brown.
Hey bitch, pass that hit rag so we don't get a room full of fuckin smoke in here.
#hit #jibba #bong #bud #pipe
by socialvirus May 17, 2006
The male anus as seen from the perspective of a horny homosexual.
"hey baby, come here, boy, bend over, I'll fill your heart with fear. I'm gonna thrust not only my fist, but my neighbors fist, his dog's fist, his sister's fist straight up your cornhole, right into your BOY GARDEN..." (Summary of lyrics from Dr. Know, "Fist Fuck")
#cornhole #puckered starfish #chocolate starfish #sodomize #ass-hole
by socialvirus June 11, 2007
To sell crack.
Yo dog I was slayin rock all day on the conna gettin chedda fo da hoes.
#slay rock #slayin rock #crack #drug distribution #rock #vial
by socialvirus November 06, 2009
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