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The term godsquad refers to a particularily obnoxious form of so-called christian. Members of a godsquad typically form a tight-knit group in highschool. Officially godsquads are open to anyone who is a christian, however this is a lie as members are clearly defined when the godsquad is created with the exception of those who date a member and then become a part of the group. Godsquads do avoid the usual teenage vices of drugs and alcohol although gossip is rife, especially in regards to dating. Godsquads usually will take over the christian union in their school and esentially transform it into a private club making non-christians and non-godsquad christians fell unwelcome in the extreme.

Beliefs:Godsquads typically have rudimentary knowledge of the Bible but have no real grasp of complex theology. Godsquad members are totally ignorant of the outside world, other religions and think that anyone who is not a christian is stupid. Members typically place most importance on singing modern hymns and appealing to emotions rather than intellect. Godsquads attmept to spread their faith (godsquad as opposed to chritianity) every waking minute. This largely fails however due to their air of superiority and ignorance which will antagonise the rest of the highschool.

Group composition:Godsquads are usually contain equal numbers of males and females most of which will be couples as the concept of remaining single is largely unknkown. There a two types of godsquad male, the first is esentially a jock who has replaced sport with god in a crude sense and is generally less of a dick. The second type of male would be a homosexual were it not for his beliefs, he may have had girlfriends but will ultimately fulfil the role of gay buddy to the group's girls. Female godsquad members range in intelligence and appearance like ordinary people, however they all display a complete lack of common sense and, although the will achieve high grades, the are ignorant of anything they have not be taught in school. Peppiness is also mandatory.

Cultural features
Godsquad taste in music ranges from pop to indie. Metal is viewed as satanic, dance and RnB are often too morally dubious and emo is not nearly peppy enough. A good indication of godsquad culture is the favoured film francise which is highschool musical. Frankly this says it all. It is important to note however that, unlike chavs emos and jocks, godsquad pose no real threat to the person property or peace and quiet of those nearby and do generally contribute to society in some manner.

godsquads may continue into college after highschool though in the real world former godsquad members either regain their sanity becoming normal people or will join a fundametalist church full of nutjobs as crazy as themselves.
There will usually be at least one godsquad in every school and will be easy to spot just look for the people who are constantly moralising and guilt tripping everyone else.
by social observer May 08, 2008

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