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3 definitions by soccermaniac88

Noun. A male who abuses his friends as a result of having a girlfriend. Usually does not follow man code (bros before hoes). Verb. See broabuse.
Jack: Michael C. told me that he was going to come over on Saturday, but he ditched me in order to hang with his girlfriend.

Jerrod: Pfff, what a broabuser.
by soccermaniac88 October 26, 2009
Verb. The act of a male abusing his friend so that his relationship with his girlfriend will move forward.
Jack: I cannot believe that Michael C. bailed on me just to be with his girlfriend.

Nick: Geez, what broabuse.
by soccermaniac88 October 26, 2009
Noun. A person who cannot stop wheeling for fear of "falling over" in life. See wheeling.
High Schooler #1: Dude, that new kid is flirting with all of the girls.

High Schooler #2: I know he is a total unicycle.
by soccermaniac88 October 26, 2009