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the greatest sport in the world. it is hated by americans because they are too lazy to actually run for 90 minutes. It takes a crazy amount of dedication and skill. people try to say they are athletic because they play sports such as baseball and basketball. those sports require basic motor skills. i saw this other comment about baseball that said that a soccer player could not beat alex rodriguez in a race. soccer players are the fastest athletes in the world other than runners. soccer is the only sport in the world that you need to be physically fit to play. in football if you are fat you can just be a lineman, in baseball you can just be like prince fielder and be slow and just hit the ball. and for those of you who say that throwing a baseball at 90 mph is that challenging try kicking a ball 70 mph at a small top left corner of the net. if you ever see any of the shots and moves by the professional players you will see how amazing the moves are. it takes a hell of a lot of practice to do the moves and the shots have to be taken in the perfect spot or the goalie will save them. goalkeepers need so much practice to be able to judge the shots. they have to be able to jump through the air to hit the ball away then they must get up quickly or the ball may be shot again into the net. penalty kicks are the hardest thing to do as a goalkeeper in sports. a goalkeeper has to move before the shot is even taken to have a chance to save the ball. soccer is the best.
lazy american: im a lazy american who cant play soccer because im too fat so im going to go play baseball.

soccer player: i feel bad for you fatass.
by soccer ftw November 26, 2010

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