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to handle your problems by consuming a substantial quantity of alcohol
Man, so he left you because he was "too busy" and one week later he's dating someone else? Listen, forget him. Let's get you out to a bar to drown your sorrows.
by soberlion May 06, 2011
the bare portion of a woman's leg from the upper thigh to above the knee, when it looks luscious enough to take a bite out of
Baby, you've a some sexy lady drumsticks on you! Rawr!
by Soberlion February 16, 2010
A pickled zucchini. As a cucumber is to a zucchini, a pickle is to a zichle.
No, thank you, I would not like a pickle. Do you have a zichle instead?
by Soberlion July 23, 2009
Something that is obviously not fancy, but stands as an ironic contrast; it seems quasi-fancy, or like the person actually tried. (The pronunciation is unsure, so the word works best written.)
Jake: I can't believe my suit hasn't arrived yet! The dance is tonight!
Ellis: No problem, dude, borrow my tuxedo t-shirt! You'll be the most fauxncy person there!
Jake: Great, just great. I'll be as fauxncy as a guy in a Jeffersonian wig.
by soberlion October 05, 2010

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