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A geek who turns into a straight sexual freak in the bedroom.
Guy 1: I heard that girl spent the night from school? Dude, she is such a geek.

Guy 2: She is a geek, but behind closed doors, their is some freak in the geek.
by soadfreak3284 August 21, 2011
When someone only has a number of available minutes during the week on their cell phone plan, so they don't answer their phone on peak time unless it's an emergency.
Girl 1: Did you call her yesterday?

Girl 2: Yes, but she didn't didn't answer; she's a minute conservative.
by soadfreak3284 August 21, 2011
Telling someone in public or mixed company that you had sex with that girl (or guy) that you had been dating or had your eye's on for awhile.
Guy 1: How did the your date go with the girl you met three weeks ago?

Guy 2: It was awesome. We go back to my place and I got to tap that app.
by soadfreak3284 August 21, 2011
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