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the definition of poseur is
1- a fake person
2- a person who acts like something theyre not
3- a person who calls other people poseurs
4- a person who calls other people poseurs just to make themselves feel better
5- a person who thinks everyone else is a poseur
6- a person who is insecure with themselves so they put on a show
7- a person looking on this site to make sure they are not a poseur
1- "that girl is such a poseur because she shops at hot topic"
2- "man your such a poseur because you like bands from good charlotte to slipknot, and those are poseurbands"

people its stupid to label. i know labeling is out there. i like hottopic so what? i still shop at other places. call me what you want cuz i love being me
by so what? October 24, 2004
A rather sexy man from a rather sexy band
paul banks is a pervert.
by so what? March 06, 2005
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