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Girls that wear SRH skin socal mob inc. Metal Mulisha Famous short skirts and stuff that says hustler on it. They only chill with bros. They take lost of trips to lake havisue. They ride dirtbikes. Their hair is blonde ontop and black on the bottom. Usually have piercings. Most likely have fake nails that are very long. Into zebra and lepard print. Have lifted trucks and usally listen to Kottonmoth Kings, So Cal Trash, and Kingspade. They are all about White Power . Most bro hos live in the 909, 951, 562 or 714 area code .aka. SoCal. They wear bandannas. They think they got fucked up off smirnoff budlight or coros light. they smoke weed. often they have 420 all over their myspaces.
Bro Hoe-dood i did you go to Jays party last night? i got so fucked up off that smirnoff ice then i gave james head.
by so cal thug September 19, 2006

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