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When you're mad at someone, but not quite enough to put them on your shitlist.
Man, Tony was supposed to help me move today and he was 45 minutes late. I guess it's better than not showing up at all, but he's still on my shartlist.
by snortpocket November 17, 2011
A statement that serves as an acknowledgement among vendors that no matter how amazing a finished product is, the client will invariably find something to complain about or request a change that actually makes it worse. The client does so while wearing a metaphorical clown suit.
We just completed the client's new website, and it exceeded their specifications in every way. I think it turned out great, but I'm not wearing a clown suit.
by snortpocket November 27, 2011
Slang term for testicles, possibly derived from the Punjabi word bunta/banta, meaning "marble".
Ooh he kicked me right in the buntas!
by snortpocket January 17, 2012

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