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The School With an Unrelenting Focus On Learning! or in reality the girls and boys with the money will make it. the only thing that matter is where and when the party is. alot of rich stuck up Kids. Usually found waring A&Fthat mommy and daddy has paid for. Kids that go to school high and drunk to make the day "Fun". Kamaik AKA the school of the rich drug atticts!!
student askes the teacher- "where is the party"
teacher responds- "i heard it was at the Mukilteo beach this weekend"
Student responds- " No, That is where the party begins and then the real party is in One club house lane. The house with all the cars around it"
Teacher- "make sure that u park really close to the house so the cop know where the party is at"
Student- "i wont remember that im too stoned"
Teacher- "Yeah i know im the one that started the bong around"
by Snookie April 13, 2005
"ima jussa keepin it real folk"
by snookie June 05, 2003
This word can mean anything such as happy, sad, excited, or what ever you want it to mean.
girl I like yo coat, Matrix.
by Snookie July 20, 2004
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