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A person that is a dope fiend or a total crack head
Dickster is a Mad Raider Hahha
by Snik April 12, 2004
A game played at national coffee franchises. The goal of the game is to have sexual relations with the person working behind the counter while making the fewest number of purchases.
Also known as Nine Coffees to Sex and Starfucks.
I fuckbeaned that barista bitch at Maple and Ninth in 5 yo.
by snik November 19, 2003
A person that only eats bitches cunts
Ya hurt bitch
by snik April 22, 2004
a loud ass muff Queef
danny layed down a pussy puff
by snik April 13, 2004
When a African American and a Caucasion person have sex and their offspring is half black and half white.
Jeromine Iginla is a fucking coffee ass fucker

by Snik April 13, 2004

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