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Portmanteau of the words 'Perth' and 'Pathetic', pronounced Perth-thetic; in reference to the state of social existence or general attitudes of residents in the city of Perth, Australia. Often associated with laziness or an extreme 'Ho-Hum' demeanor.
-What do you mean you're closing at 4:30?! The sign says you're open till 5. That's just Perthetic

-The drivers here are perthetic! Doesn't anyone actually care about getting to where they're going? Hey Jerkass! The Overtaking Lane is for Overtaking!!!
by Sneaky Tiki March 09, 2011
n. Cargo for airplanes. Cargo generally refers to transport of goods by sea or air. However, neither of these involve the use of cars. See shipgo.
The cargo goes in the car and the planego goes in the plane.

"Get that planego on the plane and let's get outa here!"
by sneaky tiki August 06, 2012
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