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someone who uses cheap or stupid tatics in video games such as camping, blindly rushing and spraying bullets, but they're very very good at it

Short Form: PN - Professional Noob
damn dude, your a total PN
by Snarf April 09, 2004
Very large penis.
Did you see his logon, its the same size as a horses penis.
by Snarf March 02, 2003
Aka Scenester. A place where scenesters actually talk to each other... online.
None needed
by snarf December 09, 2003
A very large burst of hot steam penetrating your anus.
by Snarf March 03, 2003
Frank Likes Cock. Alot.
Hey, look everybody, its FLC!
by Snarf September 15, 2004
Any genitalia on any person.
He banged me so hard that my stuffs are raw.
by snarf June 25, 2004
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