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A phrase which is said with extreme emphasis - usually resulting in a gallon of saliva coming out of the user's mouth. Used a lot by black USA rappers, particularly 50 cent.
D12 walk into a swimming pool.
50 cent: 'Wat the fock is goin on here?'
Unfortunate passer by, now drenched in saliva: People are swimming. It's a swimming pool.
by snack88 August 04, 2005
Big, fat, american cargo ship on wheels. Takes up most of the road. Does about 1/4 of a mile per gallon. Americans think that they are big so they must be built to break the land speed record.
'If that big fat 4x4 isn't built for sheer speed, I aint an American.'
by Snack88 May 17, 2005
Inoffensive term used to describe England dwellers. Oh and by the way, contrary to Beer Bong's explanation, the Ashes are now with England. Shit players, eh? Well your very own Brett Lee was shit personified when matched up to Flintoff - suck on that long, wide British cock... convicts.
Ozzie: Nyah, get aht of it, yeh pommie baaastard!

'Pom': Andrew Flintoff winning the ashes - put that on your barbie and grill it!
by snack88 September 12, 2005

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