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Commonly identified by sporting a "flow" (an extremely stupid hairstyle in which the back hair is allowed to grow freely to the point where it flows back up towards the head before the onset of the much feared mullet), and an offensively colored polo shirt with its collar popped, a hockey tool is perhaps one of the worst breeds of highschool tools. One may find them more frequently in the northeast, with the highest concentration in New England Prep Schools.

Hockey tools have a total disregard for decent people and prefer to prey on the "popular" pretty girls one or two grades below, a perversion whose enormity is amplified by the tools' age, which is usually at least one year greater than everyone else in their grade. Hockey tools also have the uncanny ability to constantly perform poorly in academics, despite their occupation of the easiest classes, and to still get into top colleges and universites.

In sum, hockey tools are a scourge upon the earth and serve as their only purpose to play a sport only Canadians care about and to degrade the moral and social fibers of society
That 20 year old hockey tool is hitting on a freshman!
by smurph268 August 13, 2006

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