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One who removes car windows for the purpose of removing valuables from inside. See also ganker. Crackheads also make attempts to work in this field but are frequently caught.
The car window removal specialist busted that window and ganked all of their stuff that was worth money.
by SmurfDaddy January 24, 2004
when your partner is giving you a blow job under a sheet then you fart then your partner jumps up with the sheet over there head and screams wildly.
scary ghost has been seen very rarely in some fetish porn
by smurfdaddy October 25, 2012
One who goes to rich people and ganks their belongings in order to help get the economy back on its feet. Also resells expensive merchndise at a discount.
With the economy the way it is, people need to start spending money. Therefore, the Professional Economic Stimulator will goto areas where peole have the most money to spend and remove valuable things, destroy property in order to gain access to valuable things, and take money in order to get them out in the economy spending money to help this country.
by SmurfDaddy January 24, 2004
1 To procure the belongings of another person without their permission.

2 The job of a ganker, often a car window removal specialist as well.

3 The job of a Professional Economic Stimulator.

4 Ganked means getting took for your bank, gold, money or some other belonging.

5 My night job
We went to this rich neighborhood and checked the cars for valuables. The ones that contained things that we liked, we went inside of. Doors were unlocked on several, but the rest had to have their windows removed in order to gain access. Once inside, we ganked everything that we wanted.
by SmurfDaddy January 24, 2004
A ganker takes someone their bank, gold, money or something.
The ganker took his wallet and laptop, then maxed out all his credit cards.
by SmurfDaddy January 24, 2004

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