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Air elementals appear as huge whirlwinds and attack by buffeting their enemies.
they are the weakest elemental
by Smurf August 17, 2004
most golems are constructed of inorganic materials. the exception is the flesh golem, constructed from the bodies of dead humans or humanoids.
like all golems immune to magic
by smurf August 17, 2004
fomorian giants are ugly. slate gray, they look like they were chiseled out of soft stone. formorian giants love to throw stones.
ugly giant beasts that are ill tempered
by Smurf August 17, 2004
A barghest looks like a mutated troll, amd killing one is about as difficult. devilish creatures of pure evil, barghests are resistant to almost everything.
A barghest could kill adventurers who don't know what they are doing.
by Smurf August 17, 2004
dekanter goblins are similar to normal goblins, but as tough to kill as orcs. they can regenerate, and a resistant to cold.
dekanter goblins are tough to kill
by Smurf August 17, 2004
Rakshasas are perhaps the most malevolent creatures in existance. normally a tiger-headed human, rakshasas can take any humanoid form they desire. they love to decieve humans, mainly to lure them into their stomachs.
evil ugly beats that decieve
by smurf August 17, 2004
neo-orogs are large powerful orogs.
they are like giany orcs
by smurf August 17, 2004
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