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water elementals are the opposite of fire elementals. often look like giant fish.
the water elemental is quite scary
by Smurf August 17, 2004
fire elementals appear as vague humanoid shapes encased in a blazing flame.
fire elementals are very dangerous
by Smurf August 17, 2004
Elementals are creatures mad eup of one of the four elements.
elementals are fiece creatures to deal with.
by Smurf August 17, 2004
Carrion Crawlers look like giant mealworms, with long nasty tentacles around their mouths. when these tentacles strike, the victim is often paralyzed. while the carrion crawler dines on dead victims, it's never adverse to a little fresh meat.
Giant worms aren't fun.
by Smurf August 17, 2004
Wild elves are hardier that their cousins and have a reputation for being fierce, indomitable warriors. Wild elves aren't noted for their brains.
legolas isn't one of these
by smurf August 22, 2004
Gold Dwarves don't share their cousins' dour nature. However, they are less agile. Like shield dwarves they are stout and tough.
Gimli would be more than likely classified here.
by smurf August 22, 2004
The default dwarf is a shield dwarf, they are moody, humorless, and hard for non-dwarves to get along wit, a tendency that has led to the deterioration of the dwarven kingdoms in recent years.
Meaner than most dwarves, Gimli is not one.
by smurf August 22, 2004

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