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"Access Denied" or "Fuck off you nosy parker!"
Access has been denied now fuck off you nosy parker!
by smurf February 19, 2005
the smallest and least powerful of the giants, verbeeg are huge, barbaric humanoids. they cause terrible damage with their spears.
smaller than most giants, but bigger than most everythingelse
by smurf August 17, 2004
Bugbears are the largest of the goblinoids. these huge creatures tower over the battlefield, srtiking terror into all who see them. like many large creatures bugbears are both helped and hindered by their great size. their tremendous strength makes them wrecking machines in combat, but drops their armor class making them more vulnerable.
A bugbear is like an enlarged goblin.
by Smurf August 17, 2004
Way of saying fucking and idiot together withoout getting in trouble.
You gidiot mother trucker!!^$#^@^%$%(
by Smurf August 04, 2004
Dark treants are twisted, animated trees that drink the blood of living things. their natural wood exterior makes them difficult to hurt.
a dark treant looks like a tree but when you least expect it it is eating you.
by Smurf August 17, 2004
A chumbra is a spectral creature that will not attack if left unprovoked.
its a scary monster that can kill easily
by Smurf August 17, 2004
This druid identifies with a particular animal, an animal that he feels represents his spirit. This grants him a special connection to the animal kingdom, and he is able to call upon their spirits to aid him.
Cannot shapeshift at all
by smurf August 23, 2004

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